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You arrive in your hometown only to find it completed deserted. What would you do? 

KORDONIA is a short horror game(2 days jam) which takes part in back in 1999.

Gameplay 10-20 mins average.


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Kordonia v0.1.rar 116 MB


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This Game Was Really Fun To Play! I Played It Live With My Stream And Had A Fun Time!

hi, big thx for the game. greetings from rosti 😁

Liked the build-up but when the "monster" appeared it kinda felt a little underwhelming. Good for the time it took to make though! (Game starts at 8:44)

Muy interesante 

Such a Crazy Empty Feeling, Keeps you on Edge While You Play! Thanks dpstudios..

P.S. id love if you guys Help Me reach 100 Subscribers! 


Really creepy game. It was fun to roaming around the city block. Great game!

I really enjoyed this. You did a good job at making the city feel abandoned and creepy. Keep up the great work! 


Hello, I played this game and I liked it, it was kind of difficult to get away from the monster but I got there eventually, good work :)

Urmmmm. It was spooky and mysterious but Not much else for me.


Short but decent little indie horror. Any plans to expand on this? 

great jobs


I saw those system requirements and though "wow that's crazy! what old engine did you use to make this?"
Downloaded it to eventually test it on a real win98 pc. Saw that it's made with a Unity engine above Unity5. No way this is running on something lower than win7... XD


It also features dynamic lighting. This thing probably requires a GPU 10 years newer than the GF256.

Good atmosphere. But why the school girl outfit, lol.


women bad